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X-Ray Crystallography Service

Scientific person in charge   Vincent Villeret
Technical person in charge   Bernard Clantin



The service offers the infrastructure for screening the crystallization conditions of biomolecules in low amounts. It also performs both follow-up and archiving of experiments.

The service gives access to two crystallization robots for implementing the screening of crystallization conditions, the filling of wells from commercial kits, and the crystallization in nano volumes.

The quality of the obtained crystals and the cryo freezing conditions are tested on a complete X-ray diffraction equipment. This allows to prepare at best the visits on synchrotrons. The direct acquisition of data sets for the resolution of structures is also possible.


Specific equipment

- A Cybio robot equipped with two pipetting heads for the filling of the crystallization wells with solutions and proteins. This robot is also equipped with a Peltier effect cell allowing crystallization at controlled temperatures.
- A Mosquito robot allowing nanodrop preparations.
- Several binocular microscopes and a motorized Microvision display system equipped with both video system and analysis software.
- A X-ray generator with a rotating anode using Osmic mirrors, with an Imaging Plate Mar345 detector, and with a cryogenic handling system for crystals;


PCRX is a service of the UGSF lab (UMR 8576 CNRS) within the framework of the FR 3688 CNRS/Lille1 FRABio. It is open to both academic and private users. PCRX is located in the IRI building of the Campus CNRS de la Haute-Borne (Villeneuve d'Ascq);

Please contact the scientific person in charge ( and/or the technical person in charge ( for further information on the offered services and prices;


Cybio robot with 2 pipetting heads

Vincent Villeret  Bernard ClantinCybio

Crystals display
(Microvision system)

Vincent Villeret  Bernard ClantinMicrovision

Vincent Villeret   DR CNRS (UMR8576)
Bernard Clantin   IR CNRS (UMR8576)
Julie Bouckaert   CR CNRS (UMR8576)


Mosquito robot

Julie BouckaertMosquito


X-ray generator
equipped with a cryogenic system for crystals

Vincent Villeret  Bernard ClantinCryodiff
flèche gauche
fleche droite


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