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Biomolecular Interactions Analysis Service (PAIB)

Scientific person in charge :

Marc Aumercier

Technical person in charge :

Zoé Lens


The PAIB facility proposes a set of physico-chemical technologies and associated expertises (STPC*) for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of biomolecular interactions : Surface plasmon resonance, Isothermal calorimetric titration, Spectrometry and Thermal shift assay.. The PAIB facility is complementary to FRABio's structural biology platforms (X-ray crystallography, NMR). PAIB is a facility of the UGSF laboratory (UMR 8576 CNRS) open to both academic and private users within the FR 3688 CNRS / Lille1 FRABio. It is located in the IRI building of the CNRS "Haute-Borne" campus of the (CCHB - Villeneuve d' Ascq - France).

For any request for access, fill out the downloadable project form [HERE], and send it to the following address:

A feasibility notice and a possible planning proposal, accompanied by the rules of procedure of the PAIB, will be communicated to you in a maximum of 10 working days.

(*) STPC : Scientific & Technical Person in Charge


SPR (Surface plasmon resonance)

Marc Aumercier, DR CNRS (UGSF)
Bernadette Coddeville, IGR Lille1 (UGSF)
Zoé Lens, IE CNRS (UGSF)


Biacore T200

Biacore T200 (GE Healthcare)


Biacore 3000

Biacore 3000 (GE Healthcare)



ITC (Isothermal titration calorimetry)

Alexis Verger, CR CNRS (UGSF)


ITC 200

Microcal iTC200 (Malvern)



Zoé Lens, IE CNRS (UGSF)


TSA (Thermal shift assay)

Zoé Lens, IE CNRS (UGSF)


PHERAstar FS (BMG Labtech)
(Multimode plate reader)

TSA module on q-PCR Stratagene Mx3005P (Agilent)
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