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Thematic morning

23th november 2016
"Transmission Electron Microscopy applied to Research. Applications in Life Sciences and Materials Sciences."

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Federation of Research
Structural & Functional Biochemistry
of Biomolecular Assemblies

FR 3688 CNRS

Fédération de Recherche Biochimie Structurale & Fonctionnelle
des Assemblages Biomoléculaires

FRABio is a federative structure in the service of basic reasearch in Biology within the University of Lille
multi-models, multi-scales and interdisciplinary



Next scientific and technical events


27 juin 2017
"STIM2-STIM1 interactions in regulation of Orai1 - Tuning the sensitivity of store-operated Ca2+ entry"
par Indu Ambudkar
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12th may 2017
"Sex differences in Ketamine's
antidepressant effect"
animé par
Mohamed Kabbaj
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23th may 2017
Scientific Meeting of the Proteomics & Mass Spectrometry Platforms
(Platform in Biology
& Health of Lille)

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